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Nov 11th
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Charlie Weis

Charlie Weis

Let me say this about that.

On the whole, I believe many of America’s workers are under paid – based on the value they add, based on the profit they generate for their employer, based on the results they achieve.  Conversely, I believe many Americans are grossly overpaid, based on the same criteria.  If you want to go straight to the heart of “Overpaid Land”, you don’t have to go much further that the field of sports and entertainment.

In the old days, it was just the athletes that were burdened with bag loads of cash.  But over the last decade, coaches have begun to command super-sized salaries and bonuses.  This is especially true of college football coaches.  I don’t begrudge college football coaches their huge compensation packages – except in two cases.  1) Where the university is a public institution and these gargantuan salaries are made up of taxpayer funds.  And, 2) When they are not based on performance. 

Gather a list of the top ten highest paid football coaches.  Lay it beside the USA Today’s weekly list of the top college football teams in the country (last week, 42 teams received votes).  Pour yourself a stiff drink and…    try not to puke when you compare the two lists.

Let me give you a couple of extreme examples:  They are 1) the University of Arkansas, coached by Gary Pinkel, who is paid $2,900,000/yr.  2)  the University of California, coached by Jeff Tedford, who is paid $2,800,000/yr and 3)  the ‘Big Kahuna’ of overpaid college football coaches, Charlie Weis, the head coach of Notre Dame, who is paid an eye-popping $4,200,000/yr!!!!

And, none of these teams got a single vote for the top 42 teams in the country!!!

Anyone who follows this column knows that I believe NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is the most overrated figure in professional sports.  But, as it turns out, he is also the most overpaid.  Dale Earnhardt, Jr. collects a little over $5 million in salary and race purses annually.  But he cons sponsors out of a whopping $22,000,000/yr in endorsements.  Jimmy Johnson, on the other hand, receives a comparitive paltry $3 million/yr in endorsements.  The fact that Johnson has won 32 races in the last 5 years compared to Earnhardt’s 3, apparently makes perfect sense to NASCAR sponsors and their target audience (probably should not elaborate on the target audience).

The field of entertainment is flush with overpaid assholes.  One of the most stellar examples is a person that defies all logic when it comes to being value-added.  Paris Hilton.  What the hell does Paris Hilton get paid to do?  She doesn’t act in movies.  She can’t sell records.  She has no TV show.  Yet this bimbo claimed earnings in 2008 of $9,300,000!!  I have one question:  WHY?!?!

But when it comes to overpaid, there is one individual that towers above all the rest.  This person is in the entertainment field but has no talent.  She sits in a chair and asks stupid people stupid questions.  And for this, Oprah Winfrey, in 2008, collected $285,000,000.  DAMN!!!

Thomas Tusser, a 16th century English poet said: “A fool and his money are soon parted”.  It appears that Charlie Weis, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Paris Hilton and Oprah Winfrey know a lot of fools.

And, that’s all I have to say about that.



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