Five things to do in the coming decade

Dec 24th
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Happy Holidays from Mrs. Santa

Happy Holidays from Mrs. Santa

Let me say this about that.

Frankly, I’ve not been a big fan of the first decade of the twenty-first century. To begin with, this decade didn’t even have a name.  You know, like the “sixties, or the “nineties”.  What were we supposed to call it – “the zero’s” ?  And look at the events that marked this decade …… 911, the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, the worst recession since ‘The Great Depression’ , bird flu/swine flu pandemics, hurricanes out the ass, ten percent unemployment, crashing real estate prices, and worst of all, the invention of Reality Shows.  I know, I know, I really shouldn’t complain – but sometimes I still do.

“The Zero’s” have been kinda like a trip to the dentist office.  It hurts like hell while you’re there, but it feels great when it’s over.  In a few days, it’s “Adios, you decade from Hell.”  And if things are normal, here in my little village, the ‘holiday party-fog’ will prevent me from remembering most of these last few days of this decade anyway.  Good riddance!!

Now, on to a more pleasant subject – “The TEENS” !!!  What are we gonna do in the “Teens”?  We have a whole new decade to…    basically do whatever the hell we want to do with it.  That’s an amazing thought if, well ……you think about it.  And an empowering one, as well.  A whole new decade – a clean slate – no carryover agendas from the previous ‘loser’ decade – yes, Virginia, we can do whatever we damn-well please with the “Teens”.

Oh, Jeez.  I just had a horrible thought.  The same people who designed the “Zeros” are still around to help plot the course of the “Teens”.  We certainly cannot let the “Zeros” designers have their way with our “Teens.”  We have to find a way for the ‘good-guys’ to hold sway over the quality of life on the planet for the next ten years.  I have an idea.

Let’s make a list – just a small list – of “5 Things To Do In The Coming Decade”. 

Five simple goals that, not only will provide a more pleasant decade for ourselves, but will help make this planet a decent place to live.  Five shouldn’t be too hard.  In fact, I’ll start with my five, but you have to promise to create your own five.  Remember, if you don’t, you are leaving our collective fate to the same guys that brought you the “Zeros”.

Shambo’s List Of Five things To Do In The Coming Decade:

1)  Make a difference for the better – by example

2)  Only vote for people you would trust with your kid’s life

3)  Compliment more – bitch less

4)  Enjoy life, you don’t have that much left

5)  Treat Mrs. Shambo better, because she may be changing my “Depends” before the decade is out

Speaking of Mrs. Shambo, she and I want to wish you, and all those you care about, a great holiday season  – and, of course a great “TEENS” !  In following my own goals (especially # 4) we will be publishing  “Let Me Say This About That” classics through the holidays and will be back with you on January 4,  2010.

And, that’s all I have to say about that.




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