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Jan 31st
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Foreign aid - country

 Let me say this about that.

A guy walked into a doctor’s office and complained to the nurse about severe headaches.¬† The nurse directed the guy to an exam room and told him to wait for the doctor.¬† A few minutes later the doctor walked in and asked the guy what was his problem.¬† The guy said “Doc, my head hurts when¬†I do this …”, and with that, got up off the exam table, walked to the end of the room and began banging his head against the wall.

The doctor watched a few minutes and said “OK, I think I have just the thing for you …”, scribbled something on¬†his prescription¬†pad and handed it to the guy.¬† On it, the doctor had written “Stop doing that.”

Before I retired, I worked in the advanced electronics industry and was involved in a number of  intricate international business alliances, often worth billions of dollars.  These operations almost always required upper management to solve complex problems involving technology, international logistics, government regulation, labor problems and material supply.  Many times the solutions did not require us to do smart things, they simply required us to stop doing stupid things.

Apparently, neither our friend in the doctor’s office, nor the U.S. government, have learned that lesson.

A couple of days ago, the Obama administration announced that the United States would run¬†a budget deficit in 2011¬†of $1,500,000,000,000.¬† In plain English,¬†the federal government is¬†about to spend $1.5 TRILLION¬† more dollars¬†- next year – ¬†than they can generate by taxing us any more than they already have.¬† In¬†this budget are tens of billions of dollars that we will give away to…¬†¬†¬† countries who will never pay us back – and in fact – may actually be our avowed enemies.¬†

Tens of billions of dollars – THAT WE DON’T HAVE¬† – ¬†are being given away to countries with little or no hope of return – or even a simple thank you.¬† Look at the chart above and you will notice several very STUPID wastes of our taxes.

First, notice the scale of the chart is in BILLIONS of dollars !!¬† Secondly, notice that most¬†of the money goes to¬†countries that¬†are predominantly Muslim – a religion that makes no secret of the fact that it hates America and would enjoy sending all us infidels straight to the portion of the great ‘hereafter’¬† that is completely devoid of virgins.¬† Thirdly, what the hell are we doing giving $10.7 billion to RUSSIA !?!?

In 2009, we even gave $811 million to the Islamic terrorists in Gaza and the West Bank.¬† We’re still doing it but the U.S.¬†government says it¬†“no longer publishes those figures”.¬†

Let’s have a little quiz to see if you can recite the benefit you are receiving from YOUR tax dollar donations to the following countries (2004 data -¬†sorry, it’s the¬†latest I could find for these countries):

BOLIVIA – $100,000,000
ETHIOPIA – $160,000,000
JORDAN – $560,000,000
KENYA – $130,000,000
LIBERIA – $210,000,000
PERU – $170,000,000
SUDAN – $140,000,000
UGANDA – $140,000,000


Remember, this money was given away in¬†a single¬†year to a bunch of countries I selected at random.¬†¬†¬†Many of you¬†may even¬†have trouble finding¬†them on a world map.¬† I doubt¬†the average¬†U.S. citizen would notice ANY difference in his day if we decided to take that $140 million back from Uganda, and paid down our national debt a bit, rather than raising our taxes.¬† And, by the way, can you recall …… quickly now ….. what great improvement occurred in Uganda as a result of your generous $140 million gift?¬† I didn’t think so.

To those of you naive enough to think that our annual billion dollar give-away is buying us any friends or world influence, please refer to a report by the Heritage Foundation¬†(a well respected American research ‘think tank’)¬†¬†published in April, 2010.¬† This report confirms that in United Nations voting, the countries to which the U.S.¬†sends foreign aid vote AGAINST¬† America in 75% of the votes.¬† This, taken with all the friends we have made in the Muslim world makes our foreign aid ‘give-aways’ no less stupid than banging our head against the wall.

Note to Mr. Obama: “Stop doing that.”

And, that’s all I have to say about that.



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