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Aug 26th
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Let me say this about that.

You probably have heard them all:¬† Seeing is believing – What you see is what you get – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – A picture is worth a thousands words.¬† Fundamentally, we have been taught since childhood that if we can actually see¬†something, it is an accurate representation of reality.¬† At one time that may have been true – that is until the invention of “Photoshop” software.

Photographs that have been “Photoshopped” are digitally altered by computer to intermingle aspects of the original photograph, with the imagination of the Photoshop artist – often with hilarious results.¬† The software is so advanced that most folks cannot detect the original picture from one that¬†has been ‘doctored-up’.¬† To make matters even more confusing, sometimes unusual photographs are actually real.¬† In short, we just don’t know what is real – and what is not – anymore.

Frankly, I don’t care.¬† I enjoy looking at bizarre pictures – whether they are “Photoshopped” or real.¬†Sometimes, just trying to determine whether a photograph is real or fake is half the fun.¬†

I have attached a few photographs that have been drawn from public web sites that I think are kinda cool.¬† All these pictures are real – except one.¬†¬†Just for fun, try¬†to pick the one fake photograph out of the group.¬† In addition, I have added a little…¬†¬†¬† explanatory background narrative with each photo to help you find the fake one.

World's greatest invention

Inventive genius:¬† Dr. Ty Coon tells us that his father always supported his ambition to become an inventor.¬† He says his father instructed him to¬†simply “build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.”¬†

Dr. Coon struggled for years trying to invent elegant, scientific¬†solutions to¬†many of life’s problems.¬† He tried to invent a time machine – he tried to invent a perpetual motion machine – he searched for a cure for cancer – he even dabbled with a secret formula for female Viagra – all to no avail.¬†

Then, one day he had¬†his great epiphany!¬† What the world’s office workers needed was¬†a pencil sharpener that reflected their true¬†feelings about their job.¬† And viola’, success!¬† Thanks to Dr. Coon, no office worker will¬†be burdened by a drawer-full of dull pencils ever again.

Sure-fire dating web site photo

Sure-fire dating web-site:  On of the fastest growing segments of the internet are web sites that cater to single people who are looking for dates or possibly even more long term relationships.

 The more credible web sites require each person to register with the site administrator and complete a lengthy questionnaire.  These questionnaires are often constructed in such a way as to ensure each applicant reveals his or her true personality, character, and attributes Рgood and bad.

These questionnaires can be quite complex and often reveal certain aspects of the applicant’s lifestyle that he or she does not want exposed to potential mates.¬† Sensing a business opportunity, a consulting company¬†is now providing a new service¬†that helps dating site applicants complete their questionnaires in such a way as to accentuate their positive attributes, while minimizing their faults.¬†One of their earlier clients complained his¬†‘manhood’ was¬†too small.¬† The consultants recommended he enclose this photo with his application.

New-age parenting

New-age parenting:  We have all experienced it.  The stress of modern living can often be so intense that it can be debilitating.  Simply getting through the day often is so fraught with anxiety that it affects the human body physically as well as emotionally. 

Bringing a child into this world¬†of stress, trepidation, hypertension, anxiety,¬†and consternation can traumatize even the parents, let alone the poor children.¬† Today’s kids must rapidly learn how to handle the modern world and grow-up much faster than the generations that preceded them.

But modern parents understand this requirement and¬†have adopted¬†“New-Age” parenting techniques that help their young offspring¬†adjust to the complexities of¬†twenty-first century¬†society.¬† And, more often that not, these parenting techniques are based on the premise that: “the earlier the child is exposed to the harsh realities of life, the better off they are going to be.”¬†

Leniffer Lopez's baby daughter

Jennifer Lopez family photo album:¬† Jennifer Lopez - also widely known as “J.Lo” - is one of today’s top Hollywood movie actresses.¬† She has starred in such movies as “Jersey Girl” with Ben Alleck,¬†“The Wedding Planner”¬† with Matthew¬† ¬†McConaughey,¬†“MonsterInLaw”, with Jane Fonda and “Out of Sight” with George Clooney.

The multi-talented Lopez also has a world class singing voice and has sold millions of albums recorded in both English and Spanish.¬† Her first two albums “On the 6″ and “J.Lo” sold more than 10 million copies within weeks of their release.¬† The business world has not escaped the charms of Ms. Lopez either.¬† She now claims her own brand of perfume, a line of swimwear and a¬†private-labeled vaginal lubricant.

However, even with all her obvious talent, Jennifer Lopez is best known for her unbelievably FANTASTIC ass.¬† Ms. Lopez takes no credit for her ample and¬†beautifully shaped derriere’, but claims¬†comes from¬†her family genes.¬† As proof, she often shows a photo, taken at the beach,¬†of her three year-old daughter .

PLEASE!! Don't put me in that car !!

Hell no – we won’t go:¬† It seems that it is an integral part of life that we are often forced to do things that we simply DO NOT want to do.¬†

As¬† children, we never wanted to go to bed.¬† As teenagers, we never wanted to be in by 11:00pm.¬† As young adults, we never wanted to use condoms.¬† When we grew into our mid twenties, we never wanted to save our money for a rainy day, rather than buying a hot new car.¬† When middle age came along, we never wanted to give up smoking and fatty foods in favor of a healther lifestyle.¬† And as senior citizens, we never wanted to get our fat asses out of our ‘Laz-E-Boy’ chair and take that much-needed walk in the park.¬†

So, is it so far-fetched to feel empathy for the poor crash dummy for not wanting to go to work every morning?

(note: the only fake photo in this article is in the ‘New-Age Parenting’ description)

And, that’s all I have to say about that.



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