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Jan 28th

Swine flu - PANDEMIC !!!!!

Let me say this about that.

Am I alone here, or does anyone else remember when common sense ruled our decision making?¬† Is there anyone else out there that belongs to the tribe¬†who believes rational thought, logic and reason are required to guide us through life?¬† Are facts irrelevant in today’s world?¬† Have intelligence, lucidity, enlightenment, judgement, prudence and perspicacity completely outlived their usefulness in the 21st century?¬† Apparently, the answer is¬†yes.¬† In short …

…… the whole freakin’ world has gone crazy.

Let me pause here for a moment and admit that I am, indeed, an old fart.¬† I also realize that every old fart who came¬†before me has made similar assertions regarding generations that preceded his own.¬† I have simply updated my forefather’s¬†assessment of the current¬†generation as…¬†¬†¬† ¬†” ….. a bunch of¬† green-haired,¬† coke-snortn’,¬† i-pod punchin’, unemployed, imbecilic dingbats¬†who have sent the world¬†to Hell in a hand-basket”.¬† I cannot prove¬†this to¬†those who describe themselves as ‘Generation X, Y, and Z’, of course, because all I have to work with are FACTS.¬† But, for the few of you left out there¬†who still have a functioning brain, I can prove that the world¬†really is a band of crazies¬†led by idiots.

For example, in today’s newspaper (you should immediately¬†enter your ‘suspicious mode’), the respected news service, ‘Reuters’, ¬†has reported that 200¬†people from Africa have entered the country of Greece – illegally -¬† and taken over a building at the Athens University, demanding that they immediately¬†be granted citizenship and provided jobs.

Greece¬†already has an unemployment rate of 13.5% and can ill afford to provide jobs for the citizens of Africa – who, in this case¬†happen to be in the country illegally, and are illegally occupying a government building,¬†while illegally demanding citizenship and employment.¬† As such, the government promptly refused and the illegal aliens countered by – wait for it – wait for it, going on a hunger strike.¬† UNBELIEVABLE !!!¬† The Greek government, which is the ‘Keystone Cops’ of national governments, cannot remove the Africans illegals¬†because Greece has a law – wait for it – wait for it, that forbids the cops from entering university property. UNBELIEVABLE !!!¬† At the same time, the unions that represent the government workers in Greece¬†¬†are going on a national strike to protest – wait for it – wait for it, unemployment.¬† In essence, the government is striking against itself because there are not enough jobs, while they ponder giving jobs to the illegals ….welcome to America (oops, I mean Greece)¬† UNBELIEVABLE !!!

Are you beginning to believe me in the assertion that the world is going crazy?¬† How about an example a little closer to home?¬† Again, right out of today’s headlines.

Several national wire services and dozens of newspapers have reported that a U.S. Labor Department analyst (unnamed, of course) had¬†explained that the rise in January’s unemployment¬†claims¬†was NOT due to the administration’s failure to address the employment¬†problems in the U.S.,¬† but because it had -¬†wait for it – wait for it, snowed for three days in Alabama, Georgia, and¬†the Carolina’s.¬† UNBELIEVABLE !!!¬† Interestingly, I checked out five sources – all reputable national news sources – and found that each story to be identical.¬† In other words (for you poor generation X, Y and Z boobs with no cognitive ability), one guy fabricated this crap, the nation’s press dutifully published it, and it is now the ‘word of God’.¬†

Want more?

If you ever run short of hard evidence that the world has gone crazy, you need look no further than the Nation of Islam.¬† These guys make¬†Aboriginal Bushmen look like Harvard graduates.¬† Most Americans have become numb to the violence that takes place in the Middle East as the Sunnis fight the Shiites in a “Holy War”, that started 1,400 years ago, over the control of the Nation of Islam.¬† (I can hear yawning – don’t worry.¬† Frankly, I don’t give a crap either.)¬† It’s like a fight between Mike Tyson and¬†Michael Vick – who cares who wins as long as they both get beaten up?

Anyway, yesterday the wire services reported that a funeral was held in Iraq¬†for an old man, who died of natural causes¬†a few days¬†ago, during a pilgrimage to the “Holy City” of Karbala. (note: all cities in the Middle East are described as “Holy Cities” which makes you wonder why Muslims ever leave their own city to travel to another “Holy City”, given how dangerous it is.)¬† Anyway, some Holy asshole drove a Holy car into the crowd attending the funeral and detonated a Holy bomb that killed 50 people – all in the Holy name of the Sunnis, or maybe it was the Shiites, I forget.¬† This heinous act really pissed off the people who were not killed in the blast and all hell broke loose.¬† The Iraqi Security Forces arrived to take charge of the scene and protect the victims from further harm when the victims – wait for it -¬†wait for it, attacked the Security Forces, who’s only offense appeared to be showing up to help – UNBELIEVABLE !!!

OK, OK, one last example.

For those of you who regularly read this blog, you know that I revel in pointing out stupid crap rained-down upon us by America’s storied institutions.¬† One of the easiest scams to debunk has been the induced hysteria over the H1N1 Swine Flu PANDEMIC !!!!!!!!!!¬† by the CDC, the pharmaceutical companies, and the press.¬†¬†¬†It started over a year ago so I will give you an example from a Febuary 10, 2010 CNN report¬†penned by staff writer Miriam Falco of ¬†‘CNN Medical News’.¬† Judge for yourself if you think Ms. Falco ever passed a math quiz.

The report states that the CDC had confirmed 2,498 deaths (total, as of 1/31/10) due to Swine flu.  However, Ms. Falco continues, the CDC also stated that between 8,330 and 17,160 persons MAY HAVE died from Swine Flu.  In addition, if the report was not ludicrous enough already, it went on to state that the dead ranged in age from 18 to 64 years old.  UNBELIEVABLE !!!

What the hell does that mean?¬† (Shambo translation …….. “Well fellows, we can confirm 2,498 dead from Swine Flu, but since 36,000 Americans die annually from ordinary, ‘ol garden variety flu, the 2,498 number is not nearly scary enough.¬† Soooooo, let’s jazz things up a bit by reporting a number between 8,330 and 17,160 dead, but neglect to mention any supporting facts …. since we don’t have any.¬† And, we’ll report that MOST of the people died between the ages of 18 and 64,¬†an age range when¬†a large percentage of Americans die anyway.¬† Whooopee, we’re having fun now !! “).

Don’t believe this qualifies as Crazy?¬†¬† Remember, we are talking about two, very respected organizations – CNN and the CDC (a U.S. federal government agency). ¬† Both are stating, as fact, data that is so wildly varient that it would encompass almost ANY situation.

Shambo Facts:¬†¬† Most people get laid between the ages of 18 and 64 ….. most people MAY scratch their ass between 8,330 and 17,160 times between the ages of 18 and 64 …. over 90% of Americans watched TV, at least once,¬†between the ages of 18 and 64 …. the Dow Jones average will close today between 8,330,and 17,160.

By now, the ‘Generation X, Y, and Z’ folks are scratching their ass between 8,330 and 17,160 times and wondering “…. what is this old fart talking about?”

And, that’s all I have to say about that.




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