World’s toughest jobs

Aug 4th
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Let me say this about that.

I keep hearing people whine about how tough their job is.¬† They complain incessantly about long hours, poor workplace environment, even danger.¬† Everyone cannot have THE toughest job, so I set out to find the “toughest job in the world” a couple of years ago.¬† This list became so popular that I decided to publish it on this blog, categorizing the jobs into several categories.

First of all, I would like to announce the Grand Prize Winner in the Overall Category.  May I have the envelope, please.  For 2009, the Toughest Job In The World award goes to:


“Did you hear the one about the Islamic terrorist who walked into a bar and ……..uh, no, that can’t be right.¬† Did you hear the one about the Iraqi beauty queen that…..oh, man.”¬†

I told you it was a tough job.

Everyone seem to think that government workers have it easy.¬† Not true.¬†¬† And, I think you will agree that this year’s winner in the Government Category is a fitting tribute to those working in public service.¬† This year’s winner is:…¬†¬†¬†


“Cinco, cuatro, tres, dos, un, cero,¬† FUEGO!!¬† What wrong?¬† Oh sheet, Jose’ forget lite fuse again.”

Recently there has been a surge in the¬†number of occupations that cater to the handicapped community.¬† Working with the handicapped presents particularly difficult challenges, so this year we’ve created a special category for these noble men and women¬†who work in this arduous environment.¬† This year there is a tie, so we would like to recognize both winners in the Working With The Handicapped Catagory.¬† The co-winners are:



Not all jobs have to be physically demanding or be in upleasant surroundings to be difficult.¬† Sometimes the psychological strain of an occupation can be just as stressful.¬† The Loneliest Job Category winner from last year –ROADSIDE BOMB FINDER –¬† is a good example.¬† And like the previous category, we have a tie for this award in 2009. The co-winners in the Loneliest Job Category are:

1)  912 OPERATOR


Animals are included¬†in the workplace in increasing numbers,¬†and they too have their¬†occupational challenges.¬† Animals are most often utilized to supplement their human counterparts in dangerous situations.¬† Often, the stress of knowing a life threatening situation awaits around the next corner can be as tough on the animal as the actual danger.¬† Last year’s winner in the Toughest Animal Job Category, MINE CANARY, illustrates this point.¬† The 2009 winner in this category is:


Everyone knows that sports can present ample opportunities for injury.  For the participants in the sports world that toil for our entertainment, we created the Most Dangerous Sports Job Category in 2008 which was won by JAVALIN CATCHERS.  The winner for this year is:


And, that’s all I have to say about that.






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