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Jan 5th
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Shambo, Capt. Billy & beast

Shambo, Capt. Billy & beast

 Let me say this about that.

Twas the day after Christmas, and all through the house, the only thing stirring, was Shambo’s sweet spouse.

She woke-up her hubby, to do chores she was wishing, but all  Shambo wanted, was just to go fishing.

He stumbled to the john, to empty his bladder, and then snuck out the door, without pausing for chatter.

He called on Captain Billy, a trusted fishing mate, who launched his new boat, and loaded-up the bait.

And off they both went, ten miles out to the sea, to hunt the great sailfish, but with no guarantee.

In just fifteen minutes, the giant sailfish did attack, and hit the live bait, with a freight train impact.

Shambo grabbed the rod, and an epic fight began, it was a beast of the sea, versus one determined man.

They fought for an hour, neither one wanted surrender, but the odds of a catch, were gettin’ quite slender.

The sailfish fought harder, by jumping in the air, Shambo’s arms were cramping, and he began to…    despair.

The fight continued on, well into the second hour,  mammoth fish battling angler, with a true display of power.

Shambo turned things around, gathering strength from within, he got the fish to the boat, the battle he did win.

The fish was so large, as a matter of note, it took two grown men, to get the fish in the boat.

Out came the camera, and a photo was snapped, as proof of adventure, when the story was recapped.

And that ends the saga, of man and sea beast, with a salute of respect, the fish was released .

And, that’s all I have to say about that.



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